Interview with SA COO Dr. Crockwell

Interview with SA COO Dr. Crockwell

Our Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Crockwell, was interviewed by Tari Trott from ZBM TV 9 regarding the recent upsurge in crime. They discuss how preparation and planning and development of a privacy policy can help businesses.

Mindsets Must Change in Order to Prevent Road Deaths

During a press conference moments ago, Dr. Carlton Crockwell urges motorists to be careful during this holiday weekend and asks the community to report any incidences of drunk driving to Police as it will take a community effort to quell this behaviour. Dr Crockwell also asked experienced drivers to be cognizant of youth riders during the summer as they take to the roads.

Congratulations Celia Correia

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Celia Correia works the 4 p.m. to midnight shift at HSBC Harbour View, a high responsibility position in a major bank, where alarms go off daily. She began with Security Associates in May, with no previous history in security, and has quickly shown her worth in such a short period of time. Manager, Freedom Burrows, would like to recognize her for showing initiative. She’s gone above and beyond her usual duties, finding information required for clients. Ms. Correia continues to do an excellent job ensuring all runs smoothly at her current location and Security Associates would like to highlight these achievements.

Meet Richard Zuill

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After 41 years working for the Bank of Bermuda as a Mortgage Officer, Mr. Zuill took early retirement. Not long after, while shopping at Gorham’s, he was approached by Mr. Carlton Crockwell, CEO of Security Associates. Their friendly encounter led to an interview and he was soon recruited as a Security Officer. Mr. Zuill went on to represent the team at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for four years and then moved to the XL building for another three. While he’s really enjoyed working with the group over the past seven years, the time has come for him to return to his retirement plans. First assignment, a trip to El Paso Texas with his lovely wife in honour of their 44th wedding anniversary.

Meet Michael Burgess

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Michael Burgess is Assistant Site Supervisor and day guard at Belco. Trading in a previous career in the hotel industry to train with Security Associates Limited, he’s learned the role comes with a lot of self control. “Whatever I do I do to the best of my ability,” he promises. Security Associates would like to recognize him for his excellent work and dedication.

Carlton Curt Crockwell, Sr., JP Showcases Professional Accomplishments through Worldwide Branding

Carlton Curt Crockwell, Sr., JP’s core beliefs are knowing that success is built around two main principals: God and Endurance   PEMBROKE, BERMUDA, September 24, 2013, Carlton Curt Crockwell, Sr., JP, Chief Operating Officer of Security Associates Bermuda, has been recognized by Worldwide Branding for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in business management.   Mr. Crockwell started as a Security Guard 31 years ago and has loved what he’s done. Since making an entrance into the industry, he has progressed steadily to his current position. He has also led other companies, and furthermore, serves as the President of Snocks Holdings Limited, Pleasantville Holdings Limited and Church of God Limited. He is also the Director of the Safeguard Group of Companies. He has served as a senior manager for over 20 years. Mr. Crockwell is an ordained Bishop of the Church of God, where he preaches and offers business workshops and presentations in the security field. He has been the COO of Security Associates Limited for the past three years, although he has been in a similar capacity since 2000 when Safeguard, which was then owned by his mentor Paul Field, merged with International Security & Investigations Limited, which Mr. Crockwell […]