Career Opportunities at Security Associates

SA is Bermuda's leading physical security provider, delivering premier quality manned security for Bermuda's leading institutions, ports and businesses.

 We rely on a solid team of dedicated, trained and vetted officers to protect the people and property of our diverse residential and commercial clientele.

 Our employees are the heart of our organization, and we value their commitment, reliability and integrity. Because of them, we thrive.

 We are looking for Bermuda's Best! Please apply for a position with SA using the application form below. You can attach all relevant documents and your resume at the bottom of the form.

We look forward to hearing from you.




    1. SA will contact both references listed above.

    2. The Bermuda Police will conduct a background check before they issue a license as a Security Guard.

    3. You are being hired as a uniformed guard and you will be required to wear the full uniform.

    4. Some clients require security staff to submit to a drug test program.

    By checking the box above, you are agreeing that the information on this form is true and factual to the best of your knowledge. Any false or fraudulent information provided will result in immediate dismissal of this application.