Interview with SA COO Dr. Crockwell

Interview with SA COO Dr. Crockwell

Our Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Crockwell, was interviewed by Tari Trott from ZBM TV 9 regarding the recent upsurge in crime. They discuss how preparation and planning and development of a privacy policy can help businesses.

SA COO Gives Back to the young people

  SA has been investing in Bermuda’s young people. Catch a clip of our COO being interviewed by Antoine Jones of “In the Know” broadcast on Channel 82

Mindsets Must Change in Order to Prevent Road Deaths

During a press conference moments ago, Dr. Carlton Crockwell urges motorists to be careful during this holiday weekend and asks the community to report any incidences of drunk driving to Police as it will take a community effort to quell this behaviour. Dr Crockwell also asked experienced drivers to be cognizant of youth riders during the summer as they take to the roads.

Nurturing the Island’s Performing Arts

Theresa Minors’s career took a 180-degree turn six years ago. The animal warden quit her job, and started a management company for musicians. She had three clients and relatively little experience. “It was a very big change but your heart doesn’t lie,” said the CEO of PlayList Management. “I have a bachelor’s degree in animal science. I worked at Dolphin Quest for a number of years and was an animal warden for the majority of my career but when I look back at when I was a kid, everything was about music. I sang with my sisters, I played guitar, I was a drummer in Somerset Brigade Band — music has always surrounded me. But it wasn’t until [2009] that I paid attention to it.” She formed PlayList Management with her husband David. He kept his day job while she worked to get the company off the ground. It helped that they’d already had success with The Indigo Sunset Band, childhood friends who’d signed with Atlanta-based producers LA Reid and Pebbles. Through that effort, the couple learnt about entertainment law and contracts and made vital industry connections. “We were successful in getting them on UK radio, getting them interviewed and reviewed,” Mrs […]

SA Donates $2,500 To Back To School Event

Security Associates [SA] Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Carlton Crockwell handed over $2,500 in sponsorship monies to Dwayne and Wayne Caines to help fund the annual Back to School Extravaganza and haircut event slated to take place at St. Paul’s Centennial Hall on September 3, 2015. SA Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Carlton Crockwell said, “SA is pleased to have established an ongoing partnership with the organisers that started with the very first Back to School Extravaganza. “As a security firm with a well-established community prepared to learn and grow. That’s why SA has chosen to invest its funds in securing peace of mind for some of Bermuda’s youngest members.” The Caines Brothers accept a donation of $2,500 from Dr. Carlton Crockwell.

Carlton Curt Crockwell, Sr., JP Showcases Professional Accomplishments through Worldwide Branding

Carlton Curt Crockwell, Sr., JP’s core beliefs are knowing that success is built around two main principals: God and Endurance   PEMBROKE, BERMUDA, September 24, 2013, Carlton Curt Crockwell, Sr., JP, Chief Operating Officer of Security Associates Bermuda, has been recognized by Worldwide Branding for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in business management.   Mr. Crockwell started as a Security Guard 31 years ago and has loved what he’s done. Since making an entrance into the industry, he has progressed steadily to his current position. He has also led other companies, and furthermore, serves as the President of Snocks Holdings Limited, Pleasantville Holdings Limited and Church of God Limited. He is also the Director of the Safeguard Group of Companies. He has served as a senior manager for over 20 years. Mr. Crockwell is an ordained Bishop of the Church of God, where he preaches and offers business workshops and presentations in the security field. He has been the COO of Security Associates Limited for the past three years, although he has been in a similar capacity since 2000 when Safeguard, which was then owned by his mentor Paul Field, merged with International Security & Investigations Limited, which Mr. Crockwell […]

Call for security guards to be allowed greater protection

Security firms have called for high-level discussions with Government to determine the way forward in the wake of the gun violence on the Island. The need was especially pressing in the wake of the double murder at Belvin’s Variety on January 23, said Security Associates Limited CEO Carlton Crockwell. Despite that, arming security guards with guns was “definitely not” the way forward, he stated. “I would like to send my heartfelt condolences to the families of the latest gun violence in Bermuda. We need to examine ways that the security industry can operate in the current environment to better protect its clients and personnel,” he said. “At Security Associates our position is we do not support security officers carrying guns. However discussions should be held between the security industry and government authorities to determine ways that the security industry can operate in the current environment to better protect its clients and personnel.” Operations manager at Shield Security Limited, Anthony Mouchette agreed. “We should be in discussions with the authorities to improve the way we do security in Bermuda going forward. “That discussion should include improving security at our senior schools in particular and schools in general,” said Mr Mouchette. “I […]

Anti-vagrancy and crime patrols to be stepped up

A security firm has been given the green light by the Bermuda Police Service to step up patrols neighbourhoods and the City of Hamilton to combat crime. The new city patrol programme launched by Security Associates last year to stop vagrants from loitering on the doorstep of city businesses is set to expand in April. CEO Carlton Crockwell Sr disclosed the plans include more city bike patrols during the day and night-time patrols in vans at night in various areas. Mr Crockwell also disclosed that the impact of crime has spiked demand for security alarm system installations, which is up by 15 percent. Fuelled by high rates of unemployment in a recessionary climate, he said the local security business will never be the same and the Bermuda we once knew is gone. “We accept the fact that not just in Bermuda but around the world this problem is very real,” said Mr Crockwell. “People are out of jobs, some people are being a nuisance and police are very busy dealing with hard crime. “Security has now become that source of backup, security companies are taking up that slack to become a major source of backup support for the police. “Since […]

Pitts Bay Community Watch adds motorised patrol to anti-crime battle

Businesses and hotels believe they’re winning the battle against crime in the Pitts Bay area after hiring a security van to patrol the streets. The Pitts Bay Community Watch was set up a year ago to make life safer for residents, staff and visitors following an increase in violent incidents in Pembroke. Funded by hotels and businesses including Rosedon, Fairmont Hamilton, BF&M and Bacardi, a Security Associates vehicle looks out for troublemakers that police might not have the resources to deal with. Rosedon general manager Muriel Richardson, who leads the group, explained: “We needed to bond together as a group to protect visitors and fellow workers that are travelling in the neighbourhood. “Pitts Bay Road has a lot of visitors going back and forth to offices and hotels and we had a number of incidents over the years. It’s absolutely critical that we make sure the environment is safe. People look for safe areas when they’re deciding where they are going on their holiday. “Bermuda has a reputation for being safe and we need to make sure it stays that way.” Ernest Paynter, of Security Associates, said the radio-equipped van, which has ‘Alarm and Response and Support Unit’ on its […]

Security firm offers rapid response to calls for help

With security concerns on the rise, a local company has unrolled a new quick-response unit to answer calls for help. “Society has changed,” said Security Associates CEO Carlton Crockwell. “People are more concerned for their well-being, and we’re finding there are more incidents to deal with.” The Alarm Response and Support Unit is now deploying security vans onto the Island’s roads, where they can react quickly to security issues at businesses and residences. “We have over 3,000 alarms, and police are dealing with a lot of crime on the Island,” Mr Crockwell explained. “There’s more need for security than before, plus people are watching their dollars and cents. Instead of having a security guard physically present, they can put in a call and we will respond. It keeps us busy.” For businesses, the Support Unit can swiftly deploy police-approved security to deal with shoplifters or disruptive customers. Alarm Response and Support manager Ernest Paynter said late-closing stores and companies also call in security at lock-up time, so that staff feel safe going to their cars. “Sometimes for women working late or for people who park their cars around Bulls Head, they have a system where they call our central station […]